All About the KitchenAid KP26M1X Professional Stand Mixer

KP26M1X Mixer from KitchenAid

The KP26M1X Professional Stand Mixer is a real workhorse.  With a 6-quart bowl capacity and a 575 watt motor, it can handle everything from double batches of bread dough to mashing 8 pounds of potatoes.

The "PowerKnead" spiral dough hook (included), replicates the action of hand-kneading with a forceful punching and rolling action.

The mixer has 10 speeds, controlled with a slider, with everything from a very fast whip to a very slow stir.  An added feature with this model is its "Soft Start" function, which accelerates gently to the selected speed, minimizing spattering and "flour puff".  It also has an electronic speed sensor, which maintains a consistent mixing speed, even when adding ingredients.

You may be tempted to test this machine to its limits, but you will be protected by its automatic shutoff, which kicks in when the machine is overloaded.

This machine delivers performance on a professional level.  It features a direct-drive, all-steel gear transmission.

This model does not tilt up for bowl removal, which means you can operate it under cabinets.  Rather, it features a professional-style bowl lifter that raises the bowl into the mixing position, and lowers it to allow tool changes or addition of ingredients.

The mixer comes with a 6-quart capacity stainless-steel mixing bowl, a wire whip, burnished steel flat beater, and a burnishes steel spiral dough hook, as well as a one piece plastic pouring shield.

A multitude of attachments are available to make this an extremely versatile kitchen appliance: juicer, ice cream maker, sausage stuffer, slicer, food grinder, past roller, and more.  A good start is the attachment package including the food grinder, the slicer and shredder, and the fruit and vegetable strainer.

Here's a video of how to make pasta with the Kitchen Aid KP26M1X Professional Stand Mixer:

Kitchen Aid makes a few different lines of stand mixers, and you may be wondering how to decide between the artisan and the professional.  One major difference is that the professional has a larger bowl capacity - 6 quarts to the artisan's 5 quarts.

Whichever mixer you choose, you will have a tool that will serve you well for many years to come.